Juliane   is   an   experienced   voice   coach   with   a   BA      in   voice   teaching   of   contemporary   music and   jazz   from   Berlin,   Germany   (1995)   .   She   teaches   children,   youth   and   adults      how   to breathe   (   diaphragm   breath)   properly   so   that   the   voice   is   supported.   She   designs   vocal exercises   for   each   student   because   each   voice   is   unique,   to   strengthen   what   is   already there   and   to   develop   areas   that   may   be   weak.      Students   often   choose   the   songs   they   want to   work   on   and   Juliane   supports   them   on   accompanying   either   on   the   piano,   guitar   or   using youtube   karaoke   versions   if   they   are   in   the   proper   key.   She   can   transpose   songs   if   they need   to   be   in   a   different   key   and   she   provides   mp.3's   of   songs   for   students   to   sing   along with   at   home.   She   helps   students   finding   their   own   voices   and   interpretations   of   songs   and teaches   them   about   how   to   implement   breathing      and   vocal   techniques.   Juliane   coaches students   working   on   being   comfortable   using   a   microphone   and   overcoming   any   kind   of stage   fright.   She   also   encourages   students   to   record   in   her   studio   to   watch   and   witness   their own process and progress. Children & Youth  age 8-10 30 minute lessons: $ 45 age 10 and up 45 minute lessons: $ 70 Adults any ages 50 minute lessons: $ 80 If there is an interest Juliane offers group lessons for adults only - up to three adults:  60 minute, $ 40 per participant Since Juliane is also a music therapist she is trained and experienced in combining voice coaching and therapy for children, adolescents and adults with certain social and emotional needs.