Juliane    grew    up    in    East    Germany    playing    music    with    her    younger brother   in   a   rock   band.   After   teaching   music   she   obtained   a   BA   in   voice and   a   BA   in   vocal   teaching      from   H.   Eisler   University   in   Berlin,   Germany. In   1994   Juliane   spent   a   couple   of   semesters   studying   Jazz   at   the   New School   for   Social   Research,   NYC   and   met   her   husband   -   she   moved   to New   York   City   and   performed   with   jazz   groups   in   Berlin   and   NYC   for   a brief    time.    After    having    her    first    child,    Juliane    went    to    New    York University   and   earned   a   Masters   in   Music   Therapy.   Since   then   she   has moved   to   Wilson,   Wyoming   writing,   producing   and   recording   her   first   CD "5036   Miles"   with   her   brother   produced   entirely   via      internet.   She   played regulary   around   Jackson   Hole   with      jazz   pianist   Keith   Phillips   or   with   her band   BRAZILIANA,   singing   Bossa   Novas   and   Sambas   in   Portuguese. Juliane   and   her   family   moved   to   the   Bay   area   in   the   Summer   of   2010. She   is   working   as   a   music   therapist   in   a   variety   of   hospitals   and   is building her carrier as a singer. www.musicconnects.net